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Andere voorbeelden van het soort hersen-immuunreacties dat gezien wordt bij patiƫnten die lijden aan vredes apotheek chronische ziekten zijn diabetes, de ziekte van Alzheimer, ALS en andere vormen van dementie.
1.   Behavioral Changes and Chiropractic Care, A Case Study
2.   Canadians and Chiropractic
3.   Chiropractic Advisory Committee Named by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
4.   Chiropractic Life-Changing Success Story Documented
5.   Chiropractic More Effective Than Outpatient
6.   Chiropractors Mobilize to Protect Children's Rights
7.   FDA Says Many Prescription Drug Ads Are Deceptive
8.   One In Three Medical Doctors Unlikely To Get Routine Medical Care, Including Flu Shots
9.   Website Review - A Good Source for Patients and Doctors
10.   Whole Grain Diet Helps Prevent Stroke
11.  97.5% of Measles Diagnoses are Incorrect
12.  A Chiropractic Story With a Happy Ending
13.  A Medical Enron
14.  Abnormal Sleeping Patterns Helped With Chiropractic - A Case Study
15.  Acetaminophen Use Associated with Asthma, and Decreased Lung Function
16.  Achieving True Wellness
17.  ADHD Drug Alters the Brain in Young Children
18.  ADHD Drugs Send Thousands to Emergency Rooms
19.  ADHD Helped With Chiropractic, A Case Study
20.  ADHD Over-Diagnosed and Over-Drugged
21.  Adjusting Animals
22.  Adjusting to Pregnancy
23.  Adverse Drug Reactions Rise Sharply - Study Says
24.  AIDS Data Shows Decreasing Trend
25.  Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy Damages the Unborn Brain
26.  Allergies Often Misdiagnosed
27.  Alternative Care Popular Among Kids
28.  Alternative Healthcare
29.  Alternative Medicine Becoming Mainstream
30.  Alternative Medicine Gaining Acceptance, Says Study
31.  American Healthcare: An Oxymoron
32.  Americans Aren't Making the Health Grade
33.  Americans Take More Drugs
34.  Americans Take More Drugs Than Any Other Nation
35.  Andrew Goes to the Chiropractor - Child's Book Introduced
36.  Anthrax Vaccine Rejected by More US Military Personnel
37.  Antibacterial Soap Overuse May Help Spread Disease
38.  Antibiotic Resistance Now Deemed a "Public Health Crisis"
39.  Antibiotic Resistance, Cause for Much Concern
40.  Antibiotic Usage in Babies Linked to Asthma
41.  Antibiotic Use During the First Year of Life Increases the Risk for Asthma
42.  Antibiotics for Children With Ear Infections Questionable
43.  Antibiotics in the First Year of Life Increase Risk of Asthma
44.  Antibiotics Linked to Bacteria Resistance
45.  Antibiotics Linked to Serious Complications in Infants
46.  Antibiotics May Be Scrapped for Most Ear Infections
47.  Antibiotics Not Needed for Most Ear Infections
48.  Antibiotics Overprescribed According to Sinus Study
49.  Antibiotics Still Being Overprescribed for Children
50.  Antibiotics To Bear New Warnings
51.  Antibiotics Usage Shown Not helpful for Kids In New Study
52.  Antidepressant Poses Risk to Unborn Baby
53.  Antidepressant Use Rising Among Kids
54.  Antidepressants And Children Not A Good Mix
55.  Antidepressants for Kids Expected to Get Stronger Warnings
56.  Antipsychotic Drug Use Among Kids Dramatically Increased
57.  April is National Backpack Safety Month
58.  Are Your Decisions Based on Fear
59.  Arnold Schwarzenegger and Baseball Superstar Barry Larkin Headline Chiropractic Event
60.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Big Chiropractic Booster
61.  Arnold Schwarzenegger; A Chiropractic Champion
62.  Arthritis Drug May Cause Liver Damage
63.  Arthritis Patients Turn to Chiropractic
64.  Article Touts Increased Demand for Chiropractic and Alternative Services
65.  Aspirin Is Not for Everyone
66.  Aspirin to be Banned in United Kingdom for Children Under 16
67.  Aspirin, Acetaminophen May Prolong the Flu
68.  Association Between Duration of Breastfeeding and Adult Intelligence
69.  Asthma Patients May Benefit From Spinal Manipulation
70.  Asthma Study on Benefits of Chiropractic
71.  Asthma Study Shows Chiropractic Benefits
72.  Athletic Shoes Are Important to Spinal Health
73.  Australian Chiropractors Urge Reduction in Emotional Stress to Help Spine
74.  Autism and Chiropractic Care
75.  Autism and Chiropractic, Studies Hold Hope
76.  Autism Link with Vaccinations Heats Up
77.  Autism Linked to Vaccine
78.  Autism on the Rise
79.  Baby Boomers Believe Chiropractic Helps Them be Healthy
80.  Baby Boomers Seek Chiropractic In Large Numbers, and Pay for It Themselves.
81.  Baby Walkers May Slow Development
82.  Back & Neck Problems
83.  Back Belts Worn at Work Not Effective
84.  Back Pain Sufferers Prefer Drug Free Care
85.  Back Surgery Results Very Disappointing
86.  Back to School and Backpack Safety
87.  Backpack Misuse Leads to Back Problems
88.  Backpack Safety Big Concern in Press
89.  Backpack Safety is Back-to-School Issue
90.  Backpack Safety Starting to Pay Off
91.  Backpacks for Children Questioned
92.  Bacteria Are Winning Fight Against Drugs
93.  Bacteria That Are Good for You
94.  Bad Back Linked to Driving Posture
95.  Bad Eating Habits Start Near Age 2
96.  Bed Rest May Not be Helpful
97.  Behavioral Drugs Discouraged by Colorado Board of Education
98.  Bill Passes US Congress That Shortens Timeline for Implementation of Chiropractic Program
99.  Birth Control Pills Linked to Breast Cancer
100.  Birth Injury With Various Methods of Delivery
101.  Birth Trauma & Chiropractic
102.  Brain, Your Amazing Brain
103.  Breast Cancer Linked to Antibiotic Use
104.  Breast Fed Babies Have Lower Risk of Heart Disease
105.  Breast Feeding
106.  Breast Feeding Is Best For Baby
107.  Breast Feeding is Best for Infants
108.  Breast Feeding Linked to Resilience Against Psychosocial Stress in Children
109.  Breast Feeding Shows Additional Benefits for Mother and Baby
110.  Breast Feeding Shows Benefits for Mothers
111.  Breast-Feeding During Infancy May Lower Blood Pressures in Childhood
112.  Breast-Feeding Rate Rises
113.  Breech Pregnancy Returned to Normal with Chiropractic - A Case Study
114.  British Department of Health Releases Favorable Document for Chiropractic
115.  British Study Touts Benefits of Chiropractic
116.  Business Publication Picks Up on Chiropractic Cost Savings
117.  Caesarean Babies Three Times More Likely to Die in First Month
118.  Caffeine
119.  Canadian Chiropractors Want Ban on Kids Bodychecking in Hockey
120.  Canadian Chiropractors Warn About Improper Snow Shoveling
121.  Canadian Poll Says Snow Shoveling Number One Cause of Winter Back Pain
122.  Canadian Researcher Promotes Chiropractic Usage
123.  Canadians Say Back Pain is an Important Health Condition, and Rate Chiropractic High
124.  Canadians Want to Avoid Drug Advertising
125.  Cancer Patients In Canada Receive Chiropractic
126.  Cancer Patients Quality of Life Improved With Chiropractic
127.  Canine Chiropractic
128.  Case Study of a Patient with Chronic Migraine Headaches
129.  Case Study of Postsurgical Cauda Equina Syndrome and Chiropractic
130.  Case Study on Chiropractic Care for Chronic Chest Pain
131.  Case Study Shows Chiropractic Benefit for Spinal Stenosis
132.  Celebrities Paid to Push Drugs on TV Talk Shows
133.  Celebrities Seek Chiropractic Care
134.  Cerebral Palsy Helped With Chiropractic Care, Four Case Studies
135.  Chemicals Can Reach the Baby in the Womb
136.  Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul
137.  Child Movie Star Big Supporter of Chiropractic
138.  Childhood Asthma & Chiropractic
139.  Children & Unnecessary Antibiotics
140.  Children Addicted to TV Run Higher Risk of Spinal Problems
141.  Children May Not Need Antibiotics for Acute Infective Conjunctivitis
142.  Children Sleeping Less Than Recommended
143.  Children Victims of Too Many Medical Errors
144.  Children Watching TV Linked to Poor Health Later in Life
145.  Children's Blood Pressure Rising
146.  Children's Ear infections & Chiropractic
147.  Chiropractic "On" the Reservation
148.  Chiropractic Adjustments Affect the Autonomic Nervous System
149.  Chiropractic Adjustments for Children with Acute Otitis Media
150.  Chiropractic Adjustments Help Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual Pain) In Case Series
151.  Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Movement Time
152.  Chiropractic and Asthma
153.  Chiropractic and Bedwetting
154.  Chiropractic and Infertility
155.  Chiropractic and Infertillity
156.  Chiropractic and Migraines, A Case Study
157.  Chiropractic and Natural Fitness Symposium
158.  Chiropractic and Pregnancy
159.  Chiropractic and Pregnancy
160.  Chiropractic and Sports Performance
161.  Chiropractic Care and TMJ Problems a Case Study
162.  Chiropractic Care Beneficial for Chronic Neck Pain According to Study
163.  Chiropractic Care Can Help With Ear Infections
164.  Chiropractic Care For A Nine-Year-Old Boy With Tourette Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hypera
165.  Chiropractic Care for a Patient with Chronic Migraine Headaches - A Case Study
166.  Chiropractic Care for Children Receives More Press
167.  Chiropractic Care for Children, When and Why
168.  Chiropractic Care For Infertility
169.  Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy
170.  Chiropractic Care Has Mainstream Appeal
171.  Chiropractic Care Helps Body Physiology and DNA Repair - Study Shows
172.  Chiropractic Care Highlighted at Anti-Aging Health Conference
173.  Chiropractic Care Lowers Health Care Costs, Study Shows
174.  Chiropractic Care May Help Adult ADHD
175.  Chiropractic Care May Help Children With Learning Disorders And Dyslexia
176.  Chiropractic Care May Reduce Anxiety
177.  Chiropractic Changes Life of Autistic Boy
178.  Chiropractic Changes the Way the Brain Processes Information
179.  Chiropractic Coverage Up by 17% in Health Care Insurance
180.  Chiropractic Cuts Blood Pressure
181.  Chiropractic Education
182.  Chiropractic Factoids
183.  Chiropractic Featured In Parade Magazine
184.  Chiropractic Featured In Science & Medicine Magazine
185.  Chiropractic Gives A More Balanced Team
186.  Chiropractic Helping Kids Fight Ear Infections
187.  Chiropractic Helps Addicts Kick the Habit
188.  Chiropractic Helps Blood Sugar Level in Diabetes Case Study
189.  Chiropractic Helps Child With Seizures - A Case Study
190.  Chiropractic Helps Health of Underprivileged Population According to Study
191.  Chiropractic helps in treatment of addicts
192.  Chiropractic Helps New Mothers Produce Milk
193.  Chiropractic Helps Patients With Acute Back Pain and Sciatica with Disc Protrusion
194.  Chiropractic Helps Race Horses
195.  Chiropractic Helps Show Horses
196.  Chiropractic Helps Women Avoid C-Section
197.  Chiropractic In the Media
198.  Chiropractic In Top 5 Careers for 2000
199.  Chiropractic Inclusion Decreases Costs to HMO
200.  Chiropractic Inclusion in Managed Care Plans Saves Money
201.  Chiropractic Information Comes to the Philippines
202.  Chiropractic is Cost-Effective in Treating Chronic Back Pain
203.  Chiropractic is New Twist in Pet Care
204.  Chiropractic Is Safe National Campaign Started
205.  Chiropractic is Top Choice for Drug-Free Help with Pain
206.  Chiropractic Joins the Mainstream
207.  Chiropractic Legislation Introduced Into US Congress
208.  Chiropractic Life-Changing Success Story Documented
209.  Chiropractic Mission to India Helps Thousands
210.  Chiropractic More Cost Effective Than Medical Care For Workers Compensation Cases
211.  Chiropractic More Popular
212.  Chiropractic Patient Writes Book on Experience - I Stand Amazed
213.  Chiropractic Patients Improve with Non-Spinal Problems, International Study Shows
214.  Chiropractic Pediatric Guidelines Published
215.  Chiropractic Principles and Philosophy
216.  Chiropractic Profession Declares May "Perfect Posture Month
217.  Chiropractic Quick Facts
218.  Chiropractic Represented at Anti-Aging Health Conference
219.  Chiropractic Resolutions For A Healthy, Pain-Free Year
220.  Chiropractic Shown to Help Body Physiology
221.  Chiropractic Story Worth Telling
222.  Chiropractic Technique Helps Turn Breech Babies During Pregnancy
223.  Chiropractic's Role in Sports
224.  Chiropractic: A Rapidly Growing Profession
225.  Chiropractor Appointed by Clinton to Commission
226.  Chiropractor at Bethesda Medical Center Takes Care of Congress and Supreme Court
227.  Chiropractor Crosses State Border to Legally Help Four Legged Patients
228.  Chiropractor Helps Pro Golfer Set Record
229.  Chiropractor Helps Professional Football Team
230.  Chiropractor Key to Bonds' Power?
231.  Chiropractor Reaches 100th Birthday in Active Practice Then Passes as a Legend
232.  Chiropractors Caution Holiday Stress Increases Health Risks
233.  Chiropractors Fighting for Patient Rights
234.  Chiropractors Give Good-will Adjustments in Panama
235.  Chiropractors Gives Hands to Pro Golfers
236.  Chiropractors Help in Time of Tragedy
237.  Chiropractors Help Pregnant Women With Pain
238.  Chiropractors Helping Olympians
239.  Chiropractors Honored at Ground Zero Ceremony
240.  Chiropractors Mobilize to Protect Children's Rights
241.  Chiropractors Offer Backpack Safety Checklist
242.  Chiropractors Recognized in Thailand
243.  Chiropractors Respond to Crisis
244.  Chiropractors Serving as Primary Care Providers Decrease Costs - Study Shows
245.  Chiropractors Starting to Find Acceptance
246.  Chiropractors Step Up In Colorado
247.  Chiropractors Turn Up In Press Much More
248.  Chiropractors Urge Caution with Backpacks
249.  Chiropractors Urge Walking for Better Health
250.  Cholesterol Drug Linked to 40 Deaths Finally Pulled Off Market
251.  Cholesterol Drugs (Statins) Under Fire as Ineffective and Possibly Dangerous
252.  Cholesterol Drugs Have Problems
253.  Chronic Childhood Constipation Helped With Chiropractic - A Case Study
254.  Chronic Migraines Helped by Chiropractic, Study Shows
255.  Clinical Case Study: Chiropractic Care of a Patient with Vertebral Subluxation and Bell's
256.  Clinical Trial Shows Chiropractic Helps Migraines
257.  Cold Medicines Inneffective and Even Dangerous for Infants
258.  College Football Team Benefits With Chiropractic
260.  Communicating With Children About Disasters
261.  Conflicts of Interest Affect Government Drug Recommendations
262.  Correct Posture Month
263.  Cough Medicine Doesn't Work, May Harm Kids
264.  Cough Syrup Doesn't Work on Children
265.  Could Your Child Benefit from a Visit to a Chiropractor?
266.  Cow's Milk May Cause Type 1 Diabetes in Infants
267.  Crohn's Disease Helped with Chiropractic; Study Says
268.  Cycle of Health - How Chiropractic Works
269.  Dangers of Vaccine Preservatives Revealed
270.  Deadly Immunity
271.  Death Rate Drops During Doctor Strike
272.  Depression and Chiropractic: A Case Study
273.  Depression Improved with Chiropractic, Research Shows
274.  Diabetes Drug Pulled Off the Market
275.  Diet Soda Poses Same Risk of Heart Problems as Non Diet
276.  Direct-to-consumer drug advertisements increasing by drug companies
277.  Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising Up in U.S.
278.  Disease; Understanding The Cause
279.  Doctors Group Calls for End to Mandatory Childhood Vaccines
280.  Doctors See Flaws in Healthcare System
281.  Doctors Speed Death of ill Babies
282.  Doctors Urged to Delay Kids' Earache Drugs
283.  Don't Worry, Be Happy, and Get Less Colds
284.  DPT and Tetanus Vaccine linked to Allergies and Asthma
285.  Dr. Daniel David Palmer - The Father of Chiropractic
286.  Drinking Milk May Raise Parkinson's Risk in Men
287.  Driving Home the Benefits of Chiropractic
288.  Drug Advertisement Ban Upheld in Europe
289.  Drug Advertising Debate Heats Up
290.  Drug Companies Influence Doctors Diagnoses
291.  Drug Companies Promoting Drugs for Uses not Approved by US Government
292.  Drug Companies Spend More on Lobbying Than Anyone Else
293.  Drug Company Found 80% Guilty of Murder
294.  Drug Company Lobbying to Mandate Vaccine Against Sexually Transmitted Disease
295.  Drug Complaints Reach Record High
296.  Drug Effects on Kids Uncertain
297.  Drug Errors Hurt 1 in 15 Hospitalized Kids
298.  Drug Errors In Children Draw Alarm
299.  Drug Research
300.  Drug Sales Globally Continue to Increase
301.  Drug Studies May Be False
302.  Ear Tubes in Children Questioned
303.  Eating Dark Chocolate May Help Prevent Heart Problems
304.  Eating Whole Grains are Healthy
305.  Eight US Air Force Bases Add Chiropractic Services to Medical Facilities
306.  Elderly Spend 19% of Income on Medical Care
307.  Elite Athletes Benefit from Chiropractic
308.  Even Small Amounts of Exercise Are Beneficial
309.  Exercise & Fitness
310.  Exercise Can Add 3 Years to Life Expectancy
311.  Exercise Helps Aging Bones
312.  Exercise More Important Than Calcium for Strong Bones
313.  Exercise Programs Save Companies Money
314.  Famous Iowans
315.  FDA Drug Advisers Have Financial Conflict of Interest
316.  FDA Incapable of Protecting Americans
317.  FDA Issues Warning on Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
318.  FDA Says Many Prescription Drug Ads Are Deceptive
319.  Fen Phen Drug Makers Should Have Known
320.  Fevers in Children, a Normal Healthy Response
321.  Fighter Pilot Helped with Chiropractic - A Case Study
322.  Fitness Can Improve Thinking Among Aging
323.  Florida MD Found Guilty of Manslaughter for Prescribing Pain Medication
324.  Flu Jabs Could be a Waste of Time
325.  Flu Shot Unable to Combat Virus Strain
326.  Fluoridated Water Increases Risk of Cancer in Boys
327.  Fluoride in Drinking Water Does Increase Risk of Hip Fracture.
328.  Four Legged Athletes Depend on Chiropractic
329.  Four-Legged Athletes Benefit from Chiropractic
330.  Fruits and Vegetables Reduce Stroke Risk
331.  Gardening Safety Tips
332.  Germs and Dust May Protect Against Allergies and Asthma
333.  Glaucoma Helped by Chiropractic
334.  Golfers Love Chiropractic
335.  Good Posture Equals Good Health
336.  Government Accountability Office Reviews Chiropractic Availability for US Service Members
337.  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Addresses Chiropractic Symposium
338.  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Featured Speaker at Chiropractic Conference
339.  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger States Support for Chiropractic
340.  Graduating US Physicians Feel Unprepared To Manage Some Common Conditions
341.  Growing Epidemic of Back Pain Among Children in Britain
342.  Growing Pains and Chiropractic
343.  Guidelines Should Encourage Patients to Utilize Chiropractic
344.  Half of All Antibiotic Provided in Doctor Offices Are Unnecessary
345.  Happy 108th Birthday to Chiropractic
346.  Headache Relief Through Chiropractic
347.  Headaches Helped by Chiropractic Says Research
348.  Headaches: Study Shows Chiropractic Effective
349.  Healing Power of Humor
350.  Health Care Costs In US Will Double Over Next 10 Years
351.  Health Care In United States Reaches One Trillion Mark
352.  Health Care Spending Hits $1.7 Trillion in 2003 in US
353.  Health Costs Could Double by 2011
354.  Health Defined, Not Only a Chiropractic Perspective.
355.  Health Insurers Continue to Add Chiropractic to Benefits
356.  Health Magazine Does Feature on Chiropractic
357.  Health Plans Include Chiropractic & Alternatives
358.  Healty Action Steps for 2007
359.  Hearing Improved With Chiropractic - Case Series
360.  Hepatitis B Vaccine Linked to Multiple Sclerosis
361.  Hiccup Girl Stops, Helped by Chiropractic
362.  History of Chiropractic
363.  HIV/AIDS Patients Quality of Life Increases with Chiropractic Care
364.  Hockey Referee has Career Saved by Chiropractic
365.  Holiday Stress and Winter Activities Carry Special Concerns
366.  Holiday Stresses Can Increase Health Risks
367.  Holiday Weight Gain a Big Fat Lie
368.  Hollywood Stunt Performers Credit Chiropractic
369.  Home Births Safe for Most
370.  Home Births With Certified Midwives Just as Safe as Hospitals
371.  Hormone Pills Added to List of Carcinogens
372.  Horse Chiropractors Gaining Populartiy
373.  Horses Performance Enhanced With Chiropractic
374.  Hospital Admissions Due to Doctor Caused Diseases Still High
375.  Hospital Care for Lower Back Pain
376.  Hospital, Chiropractic College Collaborate on Patient Care
377.  Hospitals Add Alternative Healthcare Choices
378.  Hospitals May Start Getting Report Cards
379.  How safe is chiropractic for my child?
380.  How the Elderly Utilize Chiropractic in the US
381.  How to Get Fat Without Really Trying
382.  Hyperactive Child and Chiropractic
383.  Hysterectomies Being Performed Needlessly in 70% of Cases
385.  Improvement in a 3?-year-old Autistic Child Following Chiropractic - Case Study
386.  In Australia, 34% of Patients Have Been to a Chiropractor
387.  Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing in Canada
388.  Inappropriate Prescribing
389.  Including Chiropractic to Save Money
390.  Increase in Chiropractic Patients With Work-Related Injuries
391.  Increased Activity Lowers Death Risk In Seniors
392.  Increased Psychotropic Medication Use Causes Concern
393.  Infantile Colic Improved with Chiropractic
394.  Infants Need Chiropractic Care!
395.  Infertility and Chiropractic
396.  Insurance Coverage Increases Usage of Chiropractic Care
397.  Interesting Health Facts for 2003
398.  Internet Drug Sales Dangerous
399.  Internet Drugs Sales Under US Federal Scrutiny
400.  Investigative Report Shows Lax Hospital Procedures Kill Thousands of Infants
401.  Iron Man Chiropractor Beats Osteoporosis
402.  Is America Becoming a Drug-Dependent Nation?
403.  Is Work a Pain in the Neck?
404.  Jobs Most at Risk From Back Problems
405.  Junk Food Ads to Kids Limited - Maybe
406.  Keep Your Spine In Shape to Tackle Your Yard This Fall
407.  Kids and Chiropractic Down Under
408.  Kids Follow Parents in Using Chiropractic and Alternative Care
409.  Kids Using Prescription Drugs More
410.  Kids' Junk-Food Ads Reach All Time High
411.  Kids, Colic and Chiropractic
412.  Lack of Sleep Can Affect Your Health
413.  Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fatter
414.  Lasik surgery may carry more risk than thought
415.  Lean Red and Lean White Meat Have Same Effect on Cholesterol Experts Say.
416.  Life Changed Under Chiropractic, Case Study
417.  Light Cigarettes More Dangerous Than Thought
418.  Liposuction Can Be Deadly
419.  Literature Review Shows Chiropractic Beneficial for Patients With Neck Pain
420.  Low Back Pain Study by Insurance Company Favorable to Chiropractic
421.  Low-Tar Cigarettes Not Any Better
422.  Lower Back Problems Effect the Way You Think
423.  Maintenance Chiropractic Care Shown to be Beneficial in Study
424.  Major University Adds Chiropractic to Their Game Plan
425.  Malpractice
426.  Malpractice Study Links Doctors' Basic Errors to Wrong Diagnoses
427.  Manitoba Government Reverses Discriminatory Policy on Chiropractic Care for Children
428.  Manual Therapy Works Best for Neck Pain
429.  Many Kids Take Too Many Headache Pills
430.  Many Parents Don't Know Cold Facts
431.  Many Patients With Brain Injuries Find Success with Non-Medical Care
432.  MDs opposing Access to Chiropractic care by Veterans and Military
433.  MDs Willing to Lie to Get Insurance Coverage
434.  Medical Doctors Group takes Different Approach
435.  Medical Errors Kill up to 98,000 Hospitalized Americans per Year
436.  Medical Errors Make News More Than Ever
437.  Medical Errors Still a Leading Killer
438.  Medical Injuries Cause Extra Costs, Longer Hospital Stays and Billions
439.  Medical Injuries Cause Extra Deaths, Higher Costs, Longer Hospital Stays
440.  Medical Journal Article Recommends Children's Cold Remedies be Taken Off the Market
441.  Medical Journal, "Orthopedics Today" Touts Chiropractic
442.  Medical Journals Ignore Prevention
443.  Medical Journals Insist Drug Manufacturers Register All Trials
444.  Medical Journals May Have Bias or Conflicts
445.  Medical Schools Teaching Complementary Procedures
446.  Medical Spending Continues to Rise
447.  Medical Study Demonstrates Chiropractic Safety for Neck Adjustments
448.  Medicare Pilot Project Expands Coverage for Chiropractic Care
449.  Medicare to Stop Paying for Hospital Errors
450.  Medication Errors Hurt Kids the Most
451.  Medication Side Effects Strike 1 in 4
452.  Medication Utilization, Drug Reactions & Death Rates
453.  Medications & Children
454.  Mental Exercise Can Keep Brain Young
455.  Methylphenidate (Ritalin) Linked to Chromosomal Changes
456.  Migraine Sufferers Helped by Chiropractic Reported in News Stories
457.  Migraines Helped By Chiropractic
458.  Milk Ad Campaign Under Attack by Doctors
459.  Milk, Does a Body Bad?
460.  Milk, It Does a Body Good, or Does It?
461.  Millions at Risk in Clinical Drug Trials According to Report
462.  Minor Pressure On Nerves Causes Problems
463.  Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Health!
464.  Modest Activity Fights Obesity
465.  Moms Who Breast-Feed Reduce Infants' Asthma Risk
466.  Money Can Not Buy Health or a Longer Life
467.  More Americans See Non-Medical Care as Cost Saver
468.  More Americans Seek Out Non-Medical
469.  More Americans Take Prescription Drug
470.  More Animals Getting Chiropractic Care
471.  More Canadians Using Chiropractors
472.  More Children Going to Chiropractors
473.  More Children Going to Chiropractors 2
474.  More Children Taking Central Nervous System Drugs
475.  More Kids Receiving Psychiatric Drugs
476.  More Parents Refusing to Get Kids Vaccinated
477.  More People Using Non-Medical Care
478.  Morning Sickness May Be Good for Fetus
479.  Most Drugs Prescribed to Children Have Never Been Tested on Children
480.  Most Get Mediocre Health Care
481.  Most Older Adults Use Alternative Healthcare
482.  Most Sinus Infections Not Helped by Antibiotics or Topical Steroids
483.  Move Toward Chiropractic is Consumer-Driven
484.  Multiple Sclerosis Overcome With Chiropractic
485.  Multiple Sclerosis Patient Helped with Chiropractic: A Case Report
486.  Multiple Studies Confirm Positive Outcomes of Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Injuries
487.  Murder or Bad Vaccine
488.  My Bag is Killing Me
489.  Naproxen Linked to Heart Disease, FDA Issues Warning
490.  National Health Survey Shows More People Using Chiropractic
491.  Neck Pain Helped by Chiropractic - Study Shows
492.  Neck Range of Motion Increased with Chiropractic
493.  New Bacteria Threaten Public Health
494.  New Drugs May Not Be Safe
495.  New Mattress Can Reduce Back Pain and Stiffness
496.  New Poll Says Gardening Tops the List of Back Pain Woes
497.  New Study Highlights Dangers of Over the Counter Pain Medications
498.  New Survey Shines Light on Chiropractic
499.  New Warning Labels Proposed for Over the Counter and Prescription Drugs
500.  New Warnings on ADHD Drugs
501.  News Media May Offer Misleading Drug Information
502.  NFL Champion Broncos Hire Chiropractors
503.  No Junk Food Schools
504.  Non Medical Care Usage Continues to Rise
505.  Non-Medical Care
506.  Nurses Give Chiropractic High Marks
507.  Nursing Homes Kill Thousands Report Says
508.  Obesity Surgery Is Much Riskier Than Previously Thought
509.  October is Spinal Health Month
510.  Off-Label Drug Prescriptions for Children Rampant
511.  Older Americans Visiting Doctors More Often
512.  Olympic Speed Skater is Chiropractic Spokesperson
513.  Olympic Team USA had an Official Chiropractor
514.  One In Three Medical Doctors Unlikely To Get Routine Medical Care, Including Flu Shots
515.  One-third of Asthmatic Children In Canadian Province Use Non-Medical Care.
516.  Osteoporosis
517.  Osteoporosis Less Likely in Men Who Jog
518.  Ovarian Function and Fertility Improved With Chiropractic - A Case Study
519.  Over-the-counter Cough Medicines Have "No Evidence of Effectiveness."
520.  Over-The-Counter Drug Use Concern
521.  Over-the-Counter Drugs Carry Dangers
522.  Pacifier Use May Increase Risk of Ear Infections
523.  Pain Killers Addition Becoming Increasing Problem
524.  Pain Killers May Delay Bone Healing
525.  Pain Pills can Kill
526.  Painkiller Abuse Has Quadrupled in the Last Decade
527.  Painkillers May Raise Risk of Heart Failure
528.  Parents Refusing to Get Kids Vaccinated
529.  Parents Turn to Organic Food
530.  Patients Urged to Guard Against Medical Errors
531.  Patients Used as Drug Guinea Pigs
532.  Patients With Acute Neck Pain Helped by Chiropractic - Study Shows
533.  Patients with long-lasting or recurrent low back pain helped with chiropractic care.
534.  People Check the Internet Before Their Doctor for Health Information
535.  Periodic Fasting May Improve Health
536.  Pet Chiropractic
537.  Pets and Dirt Good for Child's Immune System
538.  Physicians Withhold Information on Treatment Choices
539.  Placebos
540.  Placebos Make People Feel Better
541.  Polio and Chiropractic, a Case Study
542.  Poll Says Consumers Want and Appreciate Chiropractic
543.  Poodle Logs Long Hours As Office Helper
544.  Popular Drugs Are Changing Names Due to Mix-ups
545.  Post-Surgical Laminectomy Patient Helped With Chiropractic - a Case Study
546.  Pregnancy and Chiropractic
547.  Pregnancy and Chiropractic 2
548.  Pregnancy and Subluxations
549.  Pregnancy Articles
550.  Pregnant Woman Has Natural Birth After Two Cesareans with Chiropractic - Case Study
551.  Pregnant Women Who Exercise Have Healthier Babies
552.  Preliminary Study Shows Chiropractic Helps MS Patients with Pain
553.  Premenstrual Syndrome and Chiropractic
554.  Prescribed Drugs Top Abuse List
555.  Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic Among Teenagers
556.  Prescription Drug Use On the Rise
557.  Prescription Drugs Kill More Floridians Than Illegal Drugs
558.  Prescription Painkillers Linked to Miscarriage
559.  Prestigious Medical Journal Discovers New Use for Duct Tape
560.  Primary Care Near Collapse in US
561.  Prince Charles Supports Alternative Treatments in the UK's National Heath System
562.  Protective Effect of Childhood Infections
563.  Prozac and Zoloft May be Leading to Suicides
564.  Psychiatric Drug Use Soars in Toddlers Despite Limited Knowledge of Effects
565.  Pull Weeds, Not Your Muscles
566.  Quality of Life Improvement in Homeless People with Chiropractic Care
568.  Reaction Time and Chiropractic Adjustments
569.  Reactions to Medications Send Over 700,000 Americans to Emergancy Rooms Each Year
570.  Recommended Amounts of Tylenol Might Lead to Liver Damage
571.  Relief of Symptoms in Cervical Spinal Stenosis Through Specific Chiropractic
572.  Report Details Medical Error Horrors
573.  Research Shows Chiropractic Helps Stage One Hypertension
574.  Research Shows Spinal Dysfunction Affects Reaction Times and Performance
575.  Risk of Miscarriage With Use of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs During Pregnancy
576.  Ritalin Controversy
577.  Ritalin Dangers
578.  Ritalin Maker and American Psychiatric Association Sued for Conspiracy
579.  Ritalin Usages Increases in Small Children
580.  Rodeo Cowboys Helped by Chiropractic
581.  Rotavirus Vaccine Loses US Federal Backing
582.  Routine Use of Antibiotics for Otitis Media (Earaches) Unproven
583.  Running Delays Disability in Older Persons
584.  Safety of Depression Drugs Questioned
585.  Safety of Mercury in Dental Fillings Questioned
586.  School Kids Choose Unhealthy Lunches, Study Finds
587.  Scientific Studies on Nerve Pressure
588.  Scientists Link Mercury-based Preservative in Childhood Vaccines to Autism
589.  Scoliosis and Curvatures
590.  Scoliosis Helped in Clinical Case Studies
591.  Secondhand Smoke Shown to be More Dangerous Than Thought
592.  Self Health Perceptions Improved With Chiropractic - According to Study
593.  Seniors and Chiropractic
594.  Seniors; Are They Being Over-medicated?
595.  September 18th, An Important Date In History
596.  Severe Asthma with Chronic Cough Helped by Chiropractic - A Case Study
597.  Severe Neck Problems After Unsuccessful Spinal Surgery Helped With Chiropractic
598.  Sham Knee Surgery Just As Good As Real Thing
599.  Should Doctors Do Away With Delivery Dates?
600.  Should Watchful Waiting Be Used More Often for Acute Otitis Media?
601.  Slouching Could Be Better Than Sitting Up Straight
602.  Smallpox Vaccine Risky Even for Those Who Don't Get It
603.  Smoking During Pregnancy Damages Unborn Lungs
604.  Smoking During Pregnancy Results in Child Behavioral Problems
605.  Smoking in Late Pregnancy Linked to Lower IQ
606.  Snap, Crack and Pop Your Way Back to Good Health
607.  Some Important Thoughts on Children and Chiropractic
608.  Sore Throats Unnecessarily Treated With Antibiotics
609.  Spinal Cat
610.  Spinal Hygiene Shown to Improve Quality of Life
611.  Spirituality and Healing in Medicine
612.  States Told to Monitor Drug Prescriptions
613.  Steroid Treatment Have Negative Affects for Both Young and Old
614.  Story Exposes Vaccine-Mercury Link Known Long Ago
615.  Straight From The Horse's Mouth
616.  Study Finds Link to Why Chiropractic Care Helps Blood Pressure
617.  Study Finds Neonatal Care Excessive
618.  Study Finds Risks of Ritalin in Preschool Kids
619.  Study Proves Chiropractic Helps Sudden and Painful Low Back Pain
620.  Study Says Nerve Blocks, Don't Reduce Pain, Improve Mood or Cut the Use of Analgesic Medic
621.  Study Shows Chiropractic Better Than Muscle Relaxants for Low Back Pain
622.  Study Shows Chiropractic More Effective Than Medication or Acupuncture
623.  Study Shows Chiropractic Technique Effective In Breech Turning
624.  Study Shows Even a Single Adjustment Helps Neck Pain
625.  Study Shows Improvement for MS and Parkinson Patients with Chiropractic
626.  Study Shows Increased Utilization of Chiropractic
627.  Study Shows Low Back Surgery No Better Than Rehabilitation
628.  Study Shows Vaccinated Children Twice as Likely to Get Asthma and Allergies
629.  Study Suggests Low-Fat Diet Does Not Cut Health Risks
630.  Study Touts Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Kids With Low Back Pain
631.  Subluxation Awareness Week
632.  Subluxations, How dangerous Are They?
633.  Sugar-Free Foods May Play a Role in Obesity
634.  Sugary Soft Drinks May Raise Risk of Diabetes
635.  Summertime Tips for Your Health
636.  Super Bug Danger Increases
637.  Superstar Football Player Depends on Chiropractic for Longevity
638.  Surgery No Better for Sciatica Then Waiting
639.  Surgical Calamities on Rise
640.  Surgical Tools Left in 1,500 Patients Per Year
641.  Survey Says Parents Over Treat Harmless Fevers in Kids
642.  Sweet Drinks Linked to Overweight Children
643.  Take the Pain out of Going Back to School
644.  The Age of Autism
645.  The McDonald's Diet?
646.  The Power of Prayer in Medicine
647.  The Role of Chiropractic in the Care of Children with Autism
648.  The Two Most Important Things to Us
649.  Tomatoes and Orange Juice Show Health Benefits
650.  Tour de France Champion Depends on Chiropractic
651.  Tour de France Cyclist Bradley McGee Kept in Race With Chiropractic
652.  Toys for Drugs?
653.  Traumatic Birth Syndrome
654.  Treat Holiday Shopping as an Athletic Event
655.  Two Chiropractors Named to U.S. Olympic Team Medical Staff
656.  Tylenol and Aspirin Increases Risk of Kidney Failure
657.  U.S. Hospitals Charge Uninsured More, Study Says
658.  U.S. Hospitals More Commonly Offering Chiropractic
659.  U.S. House of Representatives Passes Bill to Provide Chiropractic to U.S. Military Veteran
660.  United Kingdom Bans Aspirin
661.  United State Department of Defense Report on Chiropractic Shows Benefits
662.  United States Far From Healthiest Country in the World
663.  US Congress Passes Ban on Forcing Kids' Medication
664.  US Congressional Committee Slams Medicare for Harassment and Targeting of Chiropractors
665.  US Government Agency Sued By Chiropractic Group
666.  US Government Awards $6.2 Million for Prescription Drug Abuse Monitoring
667.  US Medicare Blocks Physical Therapists from Performing Chiropractic Adjustments
668.  US Medicare System Expands Chiropractic Coverage
669.  US Military and Veterans to Receive Benefits for Chiropractic Care
670.  US Military to Get Chiropractic
671.  US Releases New Dietary Guidelines
672.  US Supreme Court Opens Networks For Chiropractic
673.  US Taxpayers Subsidize Wealthy Drug Companies
674.  US Veterans Administration Begins to Offer Chiropractic
675.  Vaccinated Children More Likely to Have Disorders Like ADHD and Autism
676.  Vaccinated Children Twice as Likely to Get Asthma and Allergies
677.  Vaccination Controversy Takes Center Stage
678.  Vaccination Issues and Questions
679.  Vaccine Exemption Law Expands
680.  Vaccine Web Sites Offer Good Information
681.  Vaccines
682.  Vaccines Largest Cause of Insulin-dependent Diabetes in Young Children
683.  Variations in Medical Care Costs
684.  Veggies Lose Nutrients in the Microwave
685.  Vertigo Helped With Chiropractic According to Study
686.  Veterans Administration to Develop Policy on Chiropractic
687.  Veterinarian Adds Chiropractic to His Medical Kit
688.  Viagra linked to Cases of Blindness
689.  Walking May Ward Off Alzheimer's
690.  Watchful Waiting Best Approach to Fluid in the Middle Ear
691.  Water Fluoridation Issue Draws Action
692.  Water, Water, Everywhere, and Much More Than a Drop We Should Drink
693.  Website Pill Pushing Draws Warning of AMA
694.  Wellness Programs Help Companies Save on Health Costs
695.  What is "Mainstream Healthcare" Now?
696.  What Replaces Those Trans Fats May be Almost as Bad for You
697.  Wheeled Shoes Raise Safety Concerns, Say Chiropractors
698.  Whiplash Helped With Chiropractic
699.  White House Commission Final Report
700.  White-Coat Hypertension
701.  Who Is More Dangerous?
702.  Will Chiropractic Help Me?
703.  Woman Gets Vision Back After Chiropractic Adjustment
704.  World Health Organization Issues Warning About Antibiotic Overuse
705.  World Health Organization Warns Against 'Just In Case' Antibiotic Use for Anthrax
706.  World Spine Day - October 16, 2007
707.  Wrong Site Surgery on the Rise

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