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Pregnancy and Subluxations

Consider the following aspects of pregnancy that lead to subluxation;

  • Rapid increase/decrease in weight
  • Postural changes
  • Changes in sleep patterns & positions
  • Altered appetite and eating habits
  • Loosening of body ligaments to allow for growth/labor
  • Flat feet/pronation due to weight gain/loose ligaments
  • Emotional changes (hormonal shifts/new family stress)

***** (Many of these affect Dad-to-be too!!!!)

- All of the above and more can cause subluxation, and this doesn't even include any of the numerous changes Mom & Dad will both experience after the arrival of the "Little Miracle."

- Remember, the subluxations you have during pregnancy don't just affect you! They affect your unborn baby too!! Your baby needs your nerve system to be fully functioning in order to develop correctly.

- Studies have shown that women who have consistent chiropractic care throughout their pregnancies have shorter and less painful labors with fewer complications and fewer interventions.

- Of course, techniques are very different for pregnant women, and we are specially trained in this office to insure you the safest and best possible care throughout your pregnancy.

Minimizing your subluxations before, during and after your pregnancy will allow you, your husband and your new babies every possible advantage!