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Chiropractic Patient Writes Book on Experience - I Stand Amazed

There is probably no better advocate for chiropractic care than a patient whose life has been changed by it. Geri Carlson is just such an individual who was so moved by her life changing experience, that she decided to write about it. Her book, "I Stand Amazed: How Chiropractic Saved My Life" chronicles her journey from desperation to amazement.

As described in her book, published in early 2007, Geri awoke one late January morning in 2004 and as she put it, "My world was about to collapse." On that morning she awoke and was having trouble breathing as well as a feeling of "numbness in her brain". She had difficulty focusing or even performing simple tasks. She felt like she was "jumping out of her skin" and she believed she was going to die.

Over the next several weeks the sleeplessness, hysterical crying, and myriad of other symptoms left Geri at wits end. Her visits to a variety of medical doctors produced no answers and only served to fuel her desperation. At one point she felt hopeless and was barely able to speak when one physician, who was offering new medication told her it would take several more weeks to know if the medicine could help. At this low point having lost hope, she uttered, "I won't be here."

It was at this low point that Geri started care with a chiropractor she had gone to some time ago. Not to give the book away, but in her words the results were, "Miraculous, instantaneous, and amazing." The drastic change in her life that resulted from her chiropractic care led her to write this book.

Although scientific evidence and studies are always a welcome addition to any health care process, a patient's responses are the ultimate goal. "I Stand Amazed" by Geri Carlson is a testament to how chiropractic can change the lives of people during the darkest of health times. The book is for sale at, Barnes & Noble, and Target. You can see more information at the book's website at: