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Murder or Bad Vaccine

This was the title of a chilling article from the September 2000 issue of Redbook magazine. In this startling feature, several fathers were accused of shaking their babies, when, in fact, a vaccine had caused a reaction that caused the children to have problems.

In one such case, an anesthesiologist was convicted and is serving a jail sentence for killing his child even though many experts have shown that the brain hemorrhage suffered by his baby was the result of a "hot lot" of bad vaccine. The article goes on to expose an increasing trend of parents who were falsely accused of child abuse because their children were damaged by vaccine reactions which looked similar to shaken baby syndrome. In most cases the parents were acquitted of the false charges but they were left with bankruptcy due to legal bills, and a severely damaged child who would require intensive care the rest of their lives.

The Redbook article reports on several families who were heartbroken at the damage to their children from the vaccine, followed by the horror of being arrested and accused of causing that damage. In the article, Barbara Loe Fisher founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, ( ) stated that the US government spends $1 billion a year to develop and promote vaccines, but only a fraction of that goes to fund independent studies of side effects. Fisher stated, "Vaccine testing is done on a too-small number of kids, and they are monitored for too short a time."

Unfortunately, reporting of adverse vaccine reactions is voluntary and subject to biased opinions. The Redbook article reports that between 11,000 and 12,000 reports are made per year about adverse reactions from vaccines. They also state that surveys have shown that these reactions are grossly underreported. Some of these studies indicate that only 1 in 10 to as few as 1 in 100 of all actual adverse vaccine reactions are reported. This means that as many as 1,200,000 adverse vaccine reactions may be occurring each year.

Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana has joined the voices in Government questioning the vaccine issue as he commented, "Federal policy makers are not paying serious attention to the dangerous side effects that are occurring. We can no longer keep our heads buried in the sand on this issue. The risks are too great for both parents and children."