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Major University Adds Chiropractic to Their Game Plan

The May - June 2002 issue of Today's Chiropractic Magazine featured a story of the Mississippi State University football team's usage of chiropractic care. In the article head football coach Jackie Sherrill stated, "Our players have no qualms about chiropractic." He further stated, "When we say, you have an appointment with Dr. Allen (their team chiropractor) they don't miss their appointment. They have enough belief and confidence that it does help them or they would not be getting on the (adjusting) table."

The endorsing remarks from coach Sherrill continued in the article. He stated that even when he was head coach for Texas A&M he was using chiropractic care for his teams. "We were fortunate that we were able to use chiropractic services back in the early 80's." He continued, "Is there a place for it? Definitely yes. We're very fortunate because our medical staff and Dr. Allen work very well together."

Dr. Allen the team chiropractor explains his success with the team by saying, "There are problems in the neck that can cause nerve interference and definitely effect equilibrium, and you just remove the nerve interference and it goes away. In whiplash injuries, the head and neck goes into a flapping motion, and football players can experience whiplash-type injuries every time they hit the the field. What we want to do is make sure the athletes have flexibility and stability.