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Chiropractors Step Up In Colorado

The June 25 2002 PRNewswire reports on a group of chiropractors offering help to the firefighters in Colorado who were fighting the tremendous wildfire blazes that ravaged the area. The story stated, "In an overwhelming demonstration of goodwill, over 100 Colorado doctors of chiropractic have volunteered their time, talent, and equipment to provide chiropractic care to firefighters and the support staff working on the Colorado wildfires. Chiropractic care is available virtually all day to support staff, but especially during the evening hours after the firefighters return from over 12 hours of grueling work on the fire lines."

The chiropractors involved organized a state-wide chiropractic relief effort that included stations at locations such as a local fairground, a fire department, and a high school. Chiropractors have also assisted in efforts to raise money to assist the families of firefighters in the area. Additionally, several chiropractic suppliers have helped by supplying tables and other supplies needed in the effort.