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Arnold Schwarzenegger; A Chiropractic Champion

Arnold Schwarzenegger was again the featured speaker at the International Chiropractors Association's 10th Annual Symposium on Natural Fitness held February 22-23, 2002 in Columbus, Ohio. Arnold spoke about his personal experience with chiropractic, crediting the care he received throughout the years for his success in bodybuilding and for his ability to maintain such a rigorous filmmaking schedule. His comments included the following:

"Chiropractic is about health and fitness and there is such a strong relationship between the two. This is why I'm so excited to have the chiropractors here from all over the world each year, because you represent exactly the same thing. Chiropractic is about health and fitness. Chiropractic is about natural, preventive health care. It can help families be healthier and also spend time together doing something important to all their lives. What we're trying to do is not just promote the sport of bodybuilding, but fitness and health. Fitness, for us, is everything in a naturally healthy lifestyle. So that's why it is so great for us to work together."

Arnold, as well as many former and present athletes realize that chiropractic can help them increase performance and maintain good health. The nervous system controls and coordinates all body function. Chiropractors work by removing interference to the nervous system thus allowing the body to function at its maximum potential. Athletes understand that even the slightest advantage in ability can make the difference in competition.

This years event, hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, included a multitude of fitness stars including bodybuilding champion and fitness author Mr. Lee Haney. Lee Haney, one of the greatest fitness stars of all times made his second appearance at the ICA Symposium this year. Mr. Haney holds the record of having won the coveted bodybuilding title of Mr. Olympia for eight straight years, besting Arnold himself who won that title for seven. He also serves in the influential and prestigious position of Chairman of the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness, a position in which he has not hesitated to support the vital role of chiropractic in fitness and health.