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Multiple Sclerosis Overcome With Chiropractic

A human interest story appeared in the November 1, 2007 issue of the online magazine "The Vista" that talked about the sickness and recovery from Multiple Sclerosis of James L. Klages, a cornet soloist who was the only person hired in that capacity in the 20th century by "The Presidents' Own" United States Marines.

Klages was one of the country's finest cornet soloists and played for several US presidents. In 1989 he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was told his career was over. Not only was he unable to play the cornet, but as time progressed he was unable to even hold the instrument.

Clint Rohr, a friend of Klages and night manager at the University of Central Oklahoma's world famous "Jazz Lab" had taken lessons from Klages and commented, "He went from being able to play all these cornet solos to not being able to hold the cornet. I remember one day he dropped his cornet because he couldn't feel his hands."

As his condition got worse Klages was not only unable to play music, but was unable to do even the simple things of a daily routine. He recalled, "I couldn't play the piano for 14 years. I couldn't button my clothes, I couldn't tie my shoes, now I can."

During his sickness Klages tried many different medications, none of which helped, and many made his life worse. He recalled, "When I was on steroids I became a foul mouth, violent individual, essentially being drunk from the drug. And I was tired all the time. And then they added a drug to keep me from being tired."

According to the article, Klages finally tried Chiropractic one day after falling down while mowing his lawn. One of his students was a chiropractor and offered to help. Klages noted why he finally decided to see a chiropractor, "I went to see him just to get him off my back."

The article reported that, "The treatment was an instant success." They noted that Klages was relieved of pain immediately, has since weaned himself completely off medication. He continues to receive weekly chiropractic care and now states that he is completely healed and has not taken any form of MS medication for at least five years. He stated, "Several people in town have followed the same treatment I have, and they've had the same results." He now has a desire to tell others about his success and concluded his interview in the article by saying, "As a Christian I read about Jesus healing the lepers…of all ten, only one came back and thanked him. How can I not help other people with MS?"

As a result of Klages miraculous turn around, Sam Karp, a film maker has made a documentary on Klages story that is set to be released shortly. The film titled "Healed" covers the story of James Klages and includes interviews with such notables as Wynston Marsalis. A preview of the upcoming film can be seen at