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Horse Chiropractors Gaining Populartiy

A feature story appearing in the November 29, 2006 online "", the online news version of the Sacramento Bee from California, reports on the increased acceptance and usage of chiropractic care for horses. Chelsea Phua - staff writer and author of the article reports on a chiropractor, Dr. Troy Stevens as he works on Desertt Fyre, a 12 year old white gelding Arabian horse. (pictured right in a photo from by Jay Mather)

The article describes the care rendered to the horse and the increased acceptance of chiropractic for horses. Nancy Fisher, the owner of Fyre's noted that his stride was short a few weeks before the chiropractic care. She then noticed that after a visit from Dr. Stevens, her horse had fuller strides and was returning to his normal gait.

The article reports that according to the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA), there are 568 certified animal chiropractors world-wide, of which 49 are in California. AVCA Executive Director Leslie Means states, "Horse trainers and owners say the profession is becoming more popular, especially with owners and trainers of performance horses."

Jim Edwards, a judge for the American Quarter Horse Association gave one reason that chiropractic has gained in popularity in equestrian events. He states, "If you go to a big show and compete, you want to feel everything is right with your horse so you can get the best performance you can get with a horse." He continued, "A well-adjusted horse in a show would be able to walk, trot or lope gracefully, or make a tight turn around a barrel without knocking it over. They would also be able to compete well in races, rodeos and other equestrian events."