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US Military to Get Chiropractic

An Associated Press story of Nov. 26, 2000, reports on legislation passed by the US Congress that mandates that chiropractic care be made available to all active-duty personnel in the United States armed forces. Prior to the bill passage personnel in the military had to pay for chiropractic services out of their own pockets. When this bill is implemented, military personnel will be able to receive chiropractic care just as they do the medical care they receive without any out of pocket expense.

Pvt. Robert Zemla, who started having back pains from a car accident and decided to go to a chiropractor, is one soldier excited about the news. "All the military doctors do is give you painkillers and tell you to take (physical therapy) at your own pace," the 27-year-old private stated. "I wanted to feel some real relief."

The program will be phased in over a 5 year period. How it will exactly work depends on the US Department of Defense implementation plan, yet to be released.