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Adjusting Animals

From the online news, of Vacaville California, comes a story of a chiropractor caring for a quarter horse named Barbie, (seen right in photo by Brad Zweerink from The Reporter).  As the story is told, a couple of years ago, Antionette Staniewicz noticed her blonde-haired quarter horse didn't saunter as vivaciously as she once did. 

The story reported that Staniewicz had tried a veterinarian to no avail when she decided to call Dr. Troy Stevens. Dr. Stevens is a chiropractor who had completed a 200-hour course and is now certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.  Dr. Stevens is one of the few chiropractors who is certified in California to care for misaligned spines of animals as well as humans.

Dr. Stevens, whose animal patients are primarily horses, dogs and cats, notes, "The philosophy and principles in animal and human chiropractic is the same, except we're vertical and they're horizontal."

While standing on a Styrofoam block, Dr. Stevens noted that his care often helped horses with symptoms such as lameness, shortened strides and general lethargy.  The story noted that his ability to help animals with these conditions often baffles veterinarians. 

Dr. Stevens noted that many times the results with animals are better than with humans.  He stated, "You get faster results with equines and dogs (than with humans) because they don't have all the stress between their ears."