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Understanding Subluxations

Doctors of Chiropractic are the only health care professionals who are thoroughly trained in the detection, location and correction of vertebral subluxations.  It requires years of training and clinical practice for a chiropractor to master the analysis and procedures needed to understand and correct subluxations. 

The information presented on these pages is only a small preview into the scientific and clinical understanding of subluxation.  We present these pages just to offer an initial orientation into the complexity and effects of subluxations.  If you have additional questions, please ask us.

Subluxation Explained

In this explanation we have both a simple explanation and a more detailed breakdown of subluxations.  It would take several lifetimes to understand the extent to which subluxations can affect the human condition, but we offer the following page as a start.

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Subluxation Degeneration

As subluxations progress with time they have a continuing and worsening affect of the spinal structures.  This process can be followed and is categorized by the amount of degeneration seen on spinal x-rays.

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Nerve Chart

The nervous system controls and coordinates all functions and tissues in the body.  Therefore, interference with the nervous system will have a broad effect on function of the body.  Click on the image to the left to get a brief overview of the various effects subluxations can have on the different areas of the body.

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