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Improvement in a 3?-year-old Autistic Child Following Chiropractic - Case Study

A documented case study published on March 24th 2008 in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, showed the improvement of a 3 and 1/2 year old girl who was diagnosed with autism a year earlier. In this case the girl initially could not speak or communicate with anyone except through screaming and tantrum like outbursts. This young girl did not socialize at all with others her age and did not engage in physical activity. The child's mother did note that after the first set of vaccinations her child did react differently and slept for 24 hours.

The young girl was brought in for a chiropractic evaluation where a series of tests and scans were performed. A finding of subluxation was made and care was initiated for correction of the subluxations. Over the next 10 week period, the child was checked and given specific chiropractic adjustments 28 times.

The young girl started to show results within the first 5 visits as she was previously very apprehensive to lay on the table and by her 6th visit she was laying on the chiropractic adjusting table by herself and holding the doctor's hand. By the 10th visit, the child verbalized for the first time while being adjusted. Her mother reported that the girl even laughed that same week. After the first month of care the girl's mother reported that her daughter showed more spontaneity, more expressions of joy, and a better posture while also experiencing less nightmares and hyperactivity.

Subsequent scans and examinations showed improvement in correction of vertebral subluxations and more symmetry to scans of the nervous system. The authors of the case study concluded, "This case report illustrates how an improvement respectively in both subjective and objective behavioral patterns and nerve system symmetry followed chiropractic care in a child with autism."