Water, Water, Everywhere, and Much More Than a Drop We Should Drink

From the website accenthealth.com comes a feature article by By Rosalee Sanchez on the benefits of water. We all know that water is an absolute requirement for life, but few of us realize just how important water really is. Here are some facts and information about water from the article.

Because of the importance water plays in our health. The article had several recommendations. First the old concept of eight glasses of water may not be enough. You may need to consume 10 to 12 eight-ounce glasses of fluid a day, depending on how much water your body loses daily. Not drinking enough water can result in mild dehydration. This is a situation that many believe exists in almost 60% of the population. Mild dehydration can lead to diminished physical and mental performance, reduced salivary gland function, childhood obesity and increased risk of kidney stones and mitral valve prolapse in susceptible people, as well as increased risk of urinary tract cancers, colon cancer and breast cancer.