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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Big Chiropractic Booster

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the headline speaker at the 9th Annual Symposium on Natural Fitness held March 2-4, 2001 in Columbus, Ohio, hosted by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA). A strong supporter of chiropractic and a chiropractic patient himself for many years, "Arnold" told the group of chiropractors: "I depend on chiropractic and so does my whole family. . I have been making a movie in Mexico and all of us on the set saw the chiropractor to keep us going. All of the crew, electricians, stunt people, actors, all of us, were adjusted regularly by this great woman chiropractor who worked around the clock to take care of us all. That's what chiropractors do, take care of people like no other kind of healer."

Each year the ICA's Symposium on Natural Fitness is held in conjunction with the "Arnold Classic" a bodybuilding and fitness event. At this event athletes and chiropractors from all over the world get together to celebrate health and fitness. Many of the top competitors from these events follow Arnolds lead by being regular chiropractic patients. Schwarzenegger, a chiropractic patient himself for years, summed his feelings for chiropractic up by saying, "It is truly one of the few professions that really helps people in a straightforward way with no monkey business, like some of the other professions promise to help, but this chiropractic is the real thing."