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Superstar Football Player Depends on Chiropractic for Longevity

A pair of stories from the October 26, 2002 Dallas Morning News and the October 28, 2002 Fort Worth Star-Telegram, report how chiropractic care is helping professional football players such as Emmitt Smith, play longer with less injuries. The story notes that Smith is only five foot nine inches and weighs only 212 pounds but has missed only seven regular season games, and only four on account of injury. Because of this longevity and ability to remain relatively injury free Emmitt Smith has become the National Football League's all-time leader in yards rushing.

Early in his career Smith did not have the work ethic that the team though he should have. He was also suffering from a nagging hamstring injury. He then decided to turn things around. He told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, " After that season, I decided to invest in me, to keep me going." He went on to say, "You can have a Ferrari body, but your wheels need balancing. I felt if I took care of my body, I could still function when I got older."

Smith now believes so much in chiropractic that he asked his chiropractor to relocate his practice closer to the practice field. Presently Emmitt sees his chiropractor, Dr. Rob Parker two or three times per week. His chiropractor even flies with the team to take care of Emmitt, and a number of other players right up till game-time.

Emmitt Smith, a professional athlete who has first hand knowledge of the benefits of chiropractic concluded by saying, "Some of it may seem hokey to some people, but if you traveled where I've traveled, done what I've done and seen the results that I've been getting, then you'd understand where I'm coming from."