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September 18th, An Important Date In History

September 18th is a significant date for all Doctors of chiropractic as this date marks the anniversary of the discovery of chiropractic. It was 105 years ago this Sept 18th in 1895, that DD Palmer, a self educated magnetic healer who himself was born on March 7, 1845, made the discovery of Chiropractic.

The first chiropractic patient was Harvey Lillard. He had been deaf for about seventeen years after allegedly falling down and noticing a bump in his back and the simultaneous loss of his hearing. The second patient had heart trouble and both patients had their health restored through chiropractic adjustments. This event took place in the heartland of American in Davenport Iowa, along the banks of the Mississippi river.

Today there are over 60,000 Doctors of Chiropractic practicing world wide. Tens of millions of people around the globe benefit from chiropractic each year. Chiropractic is now the second largest non-medical form of health care today. And both the numbers of chiropractors, as well of the numbers of chiropractic patients continues to grow.

So lets all remember the humble beginnings the great profession of chiropractic started with and wish it a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!