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Life Changed Under Chiropractic, Case Study

From the October 11, 2006 issue of the peer reviewed publication, the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR), comes a documented case study of a 36 year old man whose life was changed by chiropractic. In this case study, the individual was suffering from a variety of ailments including; self reported stress, eye pain and left leg pain of 14 years going down into the foot. He additionally had complains of gastritis, ulcers, nervousness, depression, lack of concentration and general loss of interest in daily life.

His lifestyle was not ideal, it was noted that the patient smokes, did not exercise, and regularly ate a sub-optimal diet. It was also noted that the patient also had a history of alcoholism with several bouts of severe binge drinking which resulted in falls. The authors of this case report noted that the initiation of chiropractic care by itself is not "sufficient intervention to allow a person to achieve total health." But they did note that "patients under chiropractic care tend, as their subluxations reduce, to spontaneously take up lifestyle changes or health enhancing activities."

The care rendered on this individual was specific for correction of vertebral subluxations. The patient was periodically re-evaluated for correction of subluxations and was asked to self rate his overall health and quality of life. After the 6 months period, the patient experienced a (self rated) 95% improvement in left leg pain, headaches and eye pain. He also reported an improvement in his secondary health concerns which included a decrease in stress levels, nervousness, lack of concentration, irritability and apathy, as well normalization of digestive function. After 6 months of care, the patient was physically pain-free and did not have to use medications. He reported his overall health to be improved 100% after six months of chiropractic care.

In addition to the physical changes the patient also made many positive lifestyle changes while under chiropractic care. These spontaneous changes include smoking cessation, listening to classical music, start of regular exercise, relaxation and breathing exercises, as well as better nutritional choices. The authors of the case study felt it was important to point out that the patient was never told to undertake these changes. He was, after the fact, provided resources and guidance to help him fulfill his newly discovered health interests.